The Difference Between Facebook Boost And Facebook Ads

Whatever the size of your business, you have to be prepared to counteract negativity and criticism that come your way.

There’s a lot more to Facebook Ads and Boost than people think. In this article, we will be looking at the two to make it easier for you to understand both.

Let Us Start with Boosts

Facebook Boost is one of the simplest ways to advertise your brand, product or service on Facebook. It is a “basic” function that requires minimal customisation. With Facebook Boost, all you need to do is pick a budget, your target audience, and how long you’d like it to last, and that is it.

You can boost regular posts and leverage them to grow your audience and build awareness. If you have a Facebook post that is performing well, try giving it a $10 to $20 boost and see what happens.

However, never spend money to boost a post you are not sure about. Chances are you will likely not get a return from it, but you will definitely get an audience. Boosts don’t “bring home the bacon”. They, however, are great for growing audiences and building awareness. Boost is a great option when it comes to promoting posts but shouldn’t be relied on as a primary advertising option or as a way to get leads.

Boost is a great way to get exposure and website hits if you have your link added in your post, but that is just about it.

When working with Facebook Boost, do not expect it to bring you any sales, especially if you are a high-end product or service. Boosting should only be done as part of a marketing ploy, or when you have a few extra dollars that you can spend to get your product or service out there but not as your primary source of conversions or leads.

Facebook Ads

This is where all the magic happens.

With Facebook Ads, you can use multiple copies, target specific people, use more than one pictures, test different audiences and appear in various places on the social network. You aren’t limited to one post as is the case with Boost. You have the freedom to build entire adverts and can choose where you want them to appear, i.e. in messenger, on mobile only or in the newsfeed.

Planning and creativity are what makes a Facebook ad campaign successful, which is why it is a bit more complicated than just hitting the “Boost” button. A well-planned and executed ad can get you three to four times ROI.

However, there are tons of variable that need to be considered. Unlike boosts, ad campaigns should not be considered unless you are ready to invest a minimum of $200 just to do proper testing. Although, with a bit of luck, amazing things can happen. As I mentioned earlier, there amount of variables to make this a mix of art and science are ridiculous. There is one rule of thumb I stick to – I never spend less than what I am selling.

For instance, if you are selling $1,000 office desks, be ready to invest a bit. You cannot spend $50 and expect to make a killing! This is the mistake a lot of people make, and then they start making claims that Facebook is a scam. It does not work that way. However, if you spend a thousand bucks, chances are you’ll get, at the very least, one sale and break even.

With this example, common sense applies.

But, the question is, “Which option is best for my business?” It all depends on what you want. Full-fledged ads are best if you are looking to get sales in your shop, app downloads, web traffic, and conversions. However, if you are only looking to get out there, reach new people, and get more likes, then boost is the way to go.


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